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Tips for keeping a shared office space clean

Tips for keeping a shared office space clean

If you share an office space with other people, their bad habits may well frustrate you. One of the most problematic aspects of shared office space is keeping it clean and tidy.

You will, no doubt, have very different personalities, and, as such, you may address things in a different way. You may be quite a tidy person who keeps things well organized and neat. Your colleagues in the office, however, may not be so well organized or tidy. 

So, when it comes to shared office cleaning, there can often be tensions. These can, on occasion, spill over into workplace relationships and cause a negative atmosphere which can really have a detrimental effect on your ability to maintain a productive and effective office. 

It is therefore important to address the need to keep a shared office space clean. Agreeing on the principles of taking good care of your workplace is important. Here are some tips on keeping a shared office space clean.

Create Rules About Looking After Your Workspace

One of the best ways of keeping a shared office space is to create a set of rules that everyone will work towards. In these rules, you should state what everyone’s responsibilities are with regards to the cleaning of the office. 

If everyone has to abide by the same set of rules, then this is a fair system that allows all of the office users to use the office space without having to deal with each others clutter and mess everywhere. 

The rules may be simple things, such as to put recyclable waste in a recycling bin, and making sure that all paperwork is filed away when it finished with, 

You may want to think about including rules for washing up any cups or mugs that have been used. 

Agree On A Shared Office Space Cleaning Roster

If you do not have a cleaner, then you will need to dust the furniture and sweep or vacuum the floors from time-to-time. To make sure that this is fair, create a roster system for all employees that are using the office to spend a few minutes cleaning each week.

If everyone does a small amount, then the work will be much easier. If the jobs are rotated between all of the office users, then this will ensure that it is completely fair. 

Hire A Cleaner

In order to enjoy stress-free office cleaning, you could employ a cleaner to spend a few minutes each day cleaning the office. Think about the things that you will need your cleaner to do each day. They may sweep or vacuum, and you might want them to empty any bins and wash any cups that have been used. 


Office mess can create a stressful workplace, and lead to conflict between office users. Tensions caused by an untidy office can spill over and affect productivity.

It is important to set ground rules and work together in a respectful manner to ensure the communal workplace is maintained to a good standard. 

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