Premium Cleaning Services That Work Around Your Needs

At Manchester Office Cleaning, our team understands that when it comes to either working in or operating a coworking space, every second counts.

Whether it’s navigating in a large open space around busy hot desk users, or struggling to stay on top of the constant mess in the shared kitchen, both working in and working for a shared office space can be a messy situation.

Luckily, we’ve done this before, and know exactly what’s needed to keep on top of the chaos. Our team of cleaners provide managed services on a regular basis, so that whether you need your workspace clean for a client visit, or if you’re an office manager at a coworking location such as WeWork and need the open spaces as clean as possible at all times, we can certainly help to put your mind at ease.

Through extensive experience and a team with backgrounds in multiple cleaning disciplines, we genuinely understand the hygiene and cleaning requirements of shared office locations

For Shared Office Front Of House

If you manage the front of house for a coworking space, you may have been tasked with hiring a cleaning company that understand the explicit hygiene needs of a shared office. Our services include:

  • Pre-Audits of the premises to outline the cleaning agents and equipment our team will need to provide a fully bespoke cleaning service for your premises
  • Regular safety analysis & external quality assessments to ensure our team are providing nothing but the best
  • Site managers, dedicated to your location

Simply put, we never stop reviewing and tweaking our bespoke contracts, ensuring that the service we continually provide is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

For Shared Office Workers & Renters

If you’re renting at a space such as XYZ Works or one of the many WeWork locations in Manchester, the cleanliness of your hot desk might be something you consider as a point of pride. As a team with experience in

If our team are chosen to provide the cleaning services for your shared workspace, we pledge to:

  • Continually provide premium cleaning services that cover the entire area of your workspace
  • Take into account any customer or staff feedback, and tailor our work accordingly
  • Leave you with a workspace that will ensure you’re productive, can thrive in a hygienic environment, and ultimately have a space in which you’re proud to show off to clients and staff alike.

Sound good? We certainly hope so! Get in touch with our team today to discuss the exact cleaning needs of your business.